Operation Financial Literacy

With over 500 pages of information and activities, Operation Financial Literacy is a trusted classroom resource for many Australian high school teachers.

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Game on! Essi Money

Over two thirds of all Australian high schools play ESSI Money – an online game that simulates 26 weeks and helps students to understand the fundamentals of Earning, Saving, spending and Investing – ESSI!

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ESSI Money in the Classroom with Lynette Watt

Find out how Lynette Watt is using ESSI Money in the classroom to engage students with financial literacy. … Read More

5 Tips for Teaching Financial Literacy

Struggling to integrate financial literacy education into your classroom? Here are our top 5 tips for teachers. … Read More

Video: the future value of money

An entertaining video from TED-Ed on calculating the future value of invested money. … Read More

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