Do your students 'get' insurance?

We are excited to announce that the Operation Financial Literacy Insurance module has been updated and is now available for members to download. This module contains detailed lesson materials about this crucial topic, all mapped to the Australian Curriculum and the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework.
For many people the concept of insurance, and how it works is a complete mystery. Take a moment to watch this video, and consider your students’ understanding of insurance: 
Misconceptions students have about insurance are wide and varied, and can range from thinking that health insurance covers GP visits to ‘house burning down insurance’ being a real thing!
Insurance is a must have for minimizing risk, and protecting yourself against financial loss from events such as illness, accident, injury or loss. It is vital that Australian school students know more about this important financial issue.
The topics covered by this module are:
4.1 What is risk?
4.2 Managing and sharing risk
4.3 What about me? From the consumer’s point of view
4.4 Assessing the reality of risk
4.5 Do I REALLY need insurance?
4.6 I’ve got rights...but what about responsibilities?
4.7 Who are these insurance companies?
4.8 Purchasing a car
4.9 Getting around with insurance
Best of all? You can access all modules as part of your FBF Membership for free. You can access a sample of these materials here or login to access the full module.

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