Slaying the Debt Dragon

Photo: Learning and Development partner Luna Queen from Collection House presenting 
Slaying the Debt Dragon is part of our FLIP resource and was produced in collaboration with our founding partner Collection House. It aims to educate school students on key concepts related to debt, how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls and how to develop and follow a plan of action to deal with debt.
Collection House established the Financial Basics Foundation over 15 years ago and we are proud of our continued partnership. Together we have developed a new resource and hope to deliver this valuable program to high school students throughout Australia in the future.
We recently presented at Bracken Ridge SHS in Queensland on the topic of indebtedness. Learning and Development partner Luna Queen from Collection House delivered the presentation to 22 students who were engaged throughout. Feedback from the teacher, students and presenter was positive. Students appreciated getting an ‘inside’ glimpse into the real-world implications of debt from the Collection House presenter.

If you would like more information and to register your interest in having us visit your school to run the 'Slaying the Debt Dragon' presentation, please contact us today at 

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