Ca$hEd Up – Developing Financial Skills for Life pilot program

Financial Basics Foundation and QCoal Foundation have been working together on a pilot program that explores financial literacy capability and wellbeing as a life skill rather than a subject area requirement; Ca$hEd Up – Developing Financial Skills for Life.

Ca$hEd Up includes lesson materials and resources to deliver five financial capability as life-skills lessons for students in years 7-10. 

During the year we have worked with schools across Queensland, on part 1 of the pilot. The first to take part was Collinsville State High School.

Following the pilot, the students at Collinsville State High School reported that:

  • 91% had conversations about money or sought advice about money after completing this course.
  • 74% indicated that they felt more informed and confident when making their own financial decisions.
  • 83% correctly classified types of income (earned, unearned, passive, transfer payment).

These are great results from Collinsville and we are looking forward to receiving the survey results and feedback  from the remaining 7 pilot schools.  This feedback will help shape the next stage of the pilot program, with our intention being to  offer Ca$hEd Up to more schools next year.

Stay tuned for further details. 

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