WebQuest - Online Financial Literacy Lessons

Encourage your students to go beyond simple fact finding with our financial literacy WebQuest Impact Lessons!

What are WebQuests?

WebQuests are an inquiry-oriented online tool for educators to develop self-paced learning for the classroom. Perfect for when you are preparing lessons for days where you can’t be hands-on, or for stretching your students on a single topic in a short amount of time.

Click on the topics below to view and explore the first three WebQuests in our library. Solutions to the worksheets can be found in the Teacher's Toolkit menu when you login here.

WebQuest Impact Lessons can be taught in under an hour and each topic is aligned to an Operation Financial Literacy (OFL) module. No prior reading or experience with OFL is required to complete a WebQuest.

Join us for a free 30-minute webinar to see how WebQuests work and get an insight into the content covered within the series we have created. 

When: Thursday 12th March

Time: 3:30pm AEST

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