Ca$hEd Up Stage 2 Trial Results

Stage 2 of the Ca$hEd Up – Developing Financial Skills for Life trial concluded in December 2019 with 1,539 students from 12 schools participating.

The course explores financial literacy and wellbeing as a life skill rather than a subject area requirement. Ca$hEd Up compromises of four modules with each module incorporating materials and resources for 5 lessons.
As part of participating in the trial, students and teachers are asked to complete pre and post course surveys. The data gathered through this process is a critical component for further development of the course.
Overall results indicate an increase in general knowledge and understanding of the concepts covered in the course. Additionally, behavioural and attitudinal shifts following the course include:

  • 38% of students adjusted an existing savings plan or started to save for something

  • 31% of students adjusted and existing or created a new personal budget

  • 30% of students updated their personal financial goals

Across all four modules, students reported that:

Stage 3 of the trial is currently underway with 25 schools across Australia enrolled to participate in 2020.

The Ca$hEd Up program has been developed in partnership with our Founding Donor, QCoal Foundation.

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