Financial Rules of Thumb – Resources for Parents!

Together with Suncorp we've developed a toolkit of practical activities based on five simple rules of thumb. 
These FREE activities can be accessed by anyone! 

Young people are digitally savvy, but most don’t have hands-on experience budgeting or paying bills. The financial rules of thumb focus on teaching teens simple and practical behaviours around planning for the use of money.  

Research shows that money conversations between parents and their children lead to increased financial capability and wellbeing. It's one thing to explain a financial concept to children, but demonstrating it with real life behaviours can really help them understand it better.

Get the conversation started by introducing them to the financial rules of thumb and working through the activities:

  • Pay yourself first

  • Spend less than you earn

  • Shop around

  • Time is money

  • Sleep on it

View the activities here:

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