Over half of all Australian secondary schools use ESSI Money – a game that helps students to understand the fundamentals of Earning, Saving, Spending and Investing – ESSI!

ESSI Money is an online financial literacy game for Australian secondary school students. ESSI Money v2.0 updates the original game with interactive Apps to replicate a range of real life financial transactions.

ESSI Money is targeted to middle years students, although all students from years 7 to 12 are effectively engaged with the game. It has direct links (but is certainly not restricted to) the following curriculum areas:

• Mathematics
• Economics and Business
• Personal Development Programs


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ESSI Money (standing for Earning, Saving, Spending and Investing) is an online financial literacy game for Australian secondary school students.

Through game play based on a 'virtual reality', students achieve an understanding of how decisions made over a period of time can have both positive and negative impacts on their financial situation. The game allows students to practise real life financial transactions and experience the consequences in a safe, fun and challenging way.

The online platform means that students can use the resource on any browser across all devices, both in the classroom and at home. Teachers have access to rich reporting data that allows them to monitor class game play and support student learning and progress throughout the game.

ESSI Money establishes an environment for students to explore and use a range of basic financial management concepts in the areas of Earning, Saving, Spending, and Investing.

The player is required to undertake a series of financial challenges throughout a virtual six month period, with the objective of achieving the best possible financial result. Actual ‘play time’ is contingent on a number of variables but can take between two and six hours. 

The student plays the game on the premise that s/he is employed, independent, and at least 18 years old, so able to access and use credit.  In addition to Earning, Saving, Spending and Investing, the concept of net worth and the significance of insurance flow through the game.

Players are encouraged to strategise and reflect on decisions made throughout the game by setting goals, creating a budget and making regular diary entries.

The key learning areas are addressed by the following game elements.


• Applying for jobs
• Planning a career path
• Receiving and managing wages


• Choosing, opening and managing  a range of banking products (including term deposits, and savings accounts)
• Setting goals
• Budgeting


• Operating a transaction account
• Managing  income and living expenses
• Budgeting
• Using direct debit and automatic payments
• Choosing a credit card
• Managing credit responsibility
• Buying and selling online


• Setting investment goals
• Buying and selling shares
• Financial planning
• Risk assessment
• Superannuation as a lifetime investment
• Term Deposits

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