FLIP - Financial Literacy in Practice

Welcome to FLIP - Financial Literacy in Practice, a teaching resource which links financial literacy concepts with real-life applications.

FLIP is designed to complement the content in our Operation Financial Literacy (OFL) modules, with each FLIP article focusing on a current financial literacy issue. We’ll be highlighting key content from OFL and linking it with relevant, real-life events and news, plus we'll be sharing a whole lot of extra activities, worksheets and resources.


FLIP: Slaying the Debt Dragon

We all know that excessive use of credit is not a good thing, but the statistics show that too many of us are finding ourselves in financial difficulty as a result of spending beyond our means. Developed in partnership with Collection House, this latest FLIP introduces students to strategies for dealing with insolvency before it’s too late. This FLIP complements Operation Financial Literacy Module 5: Credit – making it work for you.


FLIP: Identity Theft

Imagine what would happen if you couldn’t prove you were, well, you? This edition of FLIP takes your students through identity theft from start to finish. This FLIP is designed to complement Topic 5 of Operation Financial Literacy Module 11: Scams.


FLIP: Setting Financial Goals

Teach your students good savings habits and uncover the benefits of compound interest. This FLIP is designed to complement Operation Financial Literacy Module 1: Goal Setting.


FLIP: SOS!!! Smart Online Shopping

This FLIP introduces your students to smart online shopping in the context of the 'Heartbleed' bug and its effect on online security. It is designed to complement the Operation Financial Literacy Module 12: SOS!!! Smart Online Shopping.


FLIP: FinTech & Gamification: Changing the face of banking

The aim of this FLIP is to engage students in looking at how FinTech and gamification are disrupting the banking sector and changing the role of banks and the way we bank. It is designed to complement Operation Financial Literacy Module 7 - Banking.



Disclaimer:  The information on this website is general educational information. It is not financial advice. We are not financial advisors. The information is designed to improve your financial literacy by increasing your awareness and understanding of the topics described.